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Zhen De Shou Fat Loss Capsule

The Unique Formula of Zhen De Shou Enables Quick Green Weight Loss.

Cassia can help to clear liver and improve eyesight; besides, it has the function of relaxing bowel to strengthen weight loss function, In addition to carbohydrate, protein and fat etc, it also contain steroids, rhubarb, emodin, as well as human body's essential trace elements iron, zinc, manganese, copper, nickel, cobalt, molybdenum.

Konjak can increase satiety without harming the digestive system, and meanwhile, it can reduce the heat absorption of nutrients, and promote rapid decomposition of excess fat by regulating the endocrine function and lipase activity, it increase the secretion of intestinal enzyme, which can result in speeding up to clear the sediments at intestinal wall and eliminate that waste from the body.
  • Safflower

  • Gingko-Nut

  • Small Fennel

  • Cassia Seed

Working Principle

Zhen De Shou Reviews
Cantu Partain
I got too much energy and my mouth is dry at the first week, but it is acceptable with 3 lbs lost, I continue and very happy to find this side effect disappear!! Actually I was a little bit worry that it may not work anymore, thanks goodness it works faster! I lost 6 lbs in the second week, what can I said, just wonderful perfect!
Marie Wong
United States
Mona Lopez
This product really works great! Though it brings dry mouth – at least for me, it's worth it as I do lost! Just drink plenty of water, it curves appetite and gives energy, I have lost about 30 pounds till now and that's is really a big change in 2+ month!
Judy Lopez
United Kingdom
Suleiman Tillison
I really appreciate your products, I have lost 13 pounds and it is just 3 weeks! The only problem is I have to drink water continuously as it made me thirsty, but anyway, I am much satisfied since I do lost, ha
Delisa Little
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Zhen De Shou Pills - About us

Date Added: 03/24/2014 by Vivianne Jackson
I have just finished my first bottle and lost 10.5 lbs, I found myself can’t eat junk food, that’s really amazing. If I eat oiled food, I always feel bad and hungry. But if I eat light food, I felt less hungry. I think a diet may promote the pills working.
Date Added: 02/25/2014 by Rachael Malit
My workmate recommend this great product to me and I have been buying this product 1 week ago, for 6 months’ supply, as I need to lose 50 lbs in all. The pills work great on my workmate and o hope this will work well on me too.
Date Added: 05/28/2014 by Deb Lissy
Wow, only 10 pills per box, a little expensive but effective. Drink lots of water, eat a proper diet, and i do exercise to get better results, . Personally, I avoid carb, sweets, and high fat foods. lost 21 lbs in 2 months and satisfied with it.

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